Omar Yunes Shares His Top Public Speaking Tips


The goal of every public speaker is to captivate their audience. But, while that’s a skill that takes time to master, there are some simple ways you can improve your public speaking skills right now. Omar Yunes reveals his top public speaking tips that can help you take your presentation skills to the next level.

  1. Provide value to your audience. Don’t use a public speaking opportunity to overtly promote your business or gain new clients. Instead of thinking how the speaking engagement can benefit you, think about how it can benefit your audience. When creating your speech, you should focus on how your audience will benefit from what you’re saying and how your presentation will help them improve their personal or professional lives.
  1. Don’t defer the audience’s questions. If someone asks a question during the middle of your speech, that’s a good sign. It means they’re listening. Unless you’re going to address their question in the next slide, don’t defer it. The best speeches feel conversational, and responding to the question right then and there will keep your audience engaged.
  1. Share a personal story. Sharing a personal story is a great way to tap into your audience’s emotions, make yourself appear more relatable, and develop a strong, lasting connection with the audience. When you tell your story, share how you genuinely felt, whether you felt sad or remorseful. Revealing a personal story that relates to your overall message is will allow you to establish an immediate connection with your listeners.
  1. Keep it short. Always keep your speech shorter that the time you were allotted. For instance, if you were given an hour, take 50 minutes. This ensures you won’t go over the allotted time if your speech takes an unexpected turn, and also provides time at the end for you to address the audience’s questions.

With these tips from Omar Yunes, you can instantly improve your public speaking skills.

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